Preventative Treatments

Pamper your smile by protecting it with preventative treatments.  These are services that aid in removal of stain, plaque, tartar and prevent bone loss, cavities, chipping and cracking of your teeth.  By maintaining your regular preventative visits, we will help keep your smile looking it’s absolute best.


Help protect your teeth from getting cavities with sealants.  These preventative restorations help to fill in deep pits and grooves in your teeth to keep plaque and bacteria from getting in to these hard to clean areas.  Sealants are very effective at helping to prevent cavities on the chewing surface of your teeth.


Do you clench or grind your teeth?  Have you noticed that the edges of your teeth are flattening?  Do you wake up with with frequent headaches or sore teeth?  A nightguard can reduce jaw pain and headaches while preventing unnecessary wear on your teeth from clenching and grinding at night.


Protect your smile while being in-style with durable and comfortable mouthguards.  Unlike store bought guards, these guards are custom made to fit only your teeth.  This allows us reduce overall bulkiness and improve overall fit which aids athletic performance.


Keep your mouth feeling it’s freshest by regular cleanings that remove plaque and tartar.  This will help keep your gums pink and healthy and make sure any cavities or cracks are caught as early as possible.  


Fluoride treatments can strengthen the enamel and therefore make the teeth more resistant to acid breakdown and cavities.  They can also reduce or eliminate sensitivity.