Understanding Digital Dentistry in Greenville, SC

Advancements in dentistry have made it possible to incorporate the latest technologies for more efficient teeth care. With the use of digital dentistry in Greenville, SC, you can realize many benefits from lowered radiation exposure to  being able to visualize any problems or concerns with your teeth.

Digital Dental X-Rays 

By using digital dental X-ray technology, your dentist is able to provide more comfort while also reducing radiation. The process of digital radiography uses a sensor to capture dental images, transferring them to a computer where they are immediately available for viewing. This provides increased accuracy for diagnosis so you can have immediate treatment for your dental issues.

Digital Charts 

Digital dentistry in Greenville, SC, also extends to charting. By incorporating digital charts, your dentist is able to easily share information about your case with any specialist or laboratory instantly. Not only does this provide more of a paperless environment, but it helps to reduce unnecessary office visits and can help resolve dental issues in a minimal amount of time without delay.

Now your new patient paperwork can be done effortlessly in minimal time thanks to our digital check-in.

Digital Intraoral Cameras

The use of digital intraoral cameras allows your dentist to get a more accurate view of your teeth and bone structure. They can easily see areas that need treatment and find the right treatment for your dental needs. These cameras also work to identify areas that need additional dental care and can help you understand areas where additional brushing needs to be focused.